As a business owner or HR professional, have you heard any of these employee questions?

  • Can I get a copy of my W-2 from last year?
  • I lost my paystub, can you print me a new copy?
  • If I change my federal exemptions from 1 to 2, how will it affect my take home pay?
  • I didn't know about the company meeting this morning, when was it announced?
  • How much vacation time have I used this year?
These seem like simple and easy-to-answer questions, but when asked day after day by multiple employees, they become vicious time-wasters and harm productivity.
Manchester Benefits Group gives your employees the ability to find these answers on their own through your company's web-based payroll platform. Employees love how they can find definitive answers about pay stubs, vacation time, W-2s and more through their personalized employee dashboard.

With your payroll system’s self-service platform, your employees can:

  • Download paystubs from past pay periods and W-2s.
  • Check on vacation time, sick time, or personal time accruals.
  • Calculate changes to their paycheck related to deductions, federal or state exemptions, and employee retirement plans.
  • Update personal information such as address, contact information, or emergency information.
  • Request time off
  • View company schedules
  • Receive company messages and announcements that apply to individual employees, departments, or the entire organization.
  • And much more...
Employees log in to the self-service platform through a secure interface that they can access on any device -- at home, at work, or anywhere with a web connection. While the self-service platform delivers up-to-date information, you don't run the risk of losing data or proprietary information because employees have limited editing privileges and only can access their personal information.
Manchester Benefits Group's payroll self-service platform helps you get more work done by fielding fewer requests from employees. It frees you to focus on your business.
If you want to increase your productivity and give your employees greater access to their personal pay data and information, call us toll-free at 888-900-4544 for a personalized consultation or send us a note.