The Manchester Mission:

Change the Game While Improving Customer Service, Product Delivery, and Employee Satisfaction

The management team originally began their careers working in employee benefits and healthcare consulting. However, as they started to examine and analyze the industry, they realized that effective delivery of quality employee benefits was only one of the challenges businesses faced...rather ongoing problems existed in many businesses, and many dealt directly with the administration of payroll and HR, employee-focused processes that tie to employee benefits offerings. Furthermore, they understood that these areas affect the work and personal lives of employers and employees more than any other factor experienced in the workplace.
They realized that something needed to be done and they set about to create the mission that Manchester Benefits Group honors today: To form a company and a product offering that goes above and beyond what has been the norm in the payroll, HR and employee benefits industries and deliver World-Class HUMAN Service to clients each and every day.

Client-Centric Approach That Makes Manchester Different

To be sure, Manchester offers affordable best-of-breed payroll technology integrated with HR and employee benefits, but the differentiating factor is the laser focus our organization has on the goals and objectives of customers. Manchester will proactively reach out to you, our client, on a regular basis to help your payroll and HR efforts reach new levels of excellence - and to help you avoid common issues and problems before they occur.
When you call, you get a local contact immediately who will not rest until your needs are addressed and fulfilled. If on-site attention is needed, you will find capable Manchester associates on their way with a smile. Our team includes veteran payroll executives and managers who know the customer payroll perspective and how to deliver the service that you expect.
Manchester Benefits Group was founded with your needs in mind. We understand payroll is about more than cutting checks, and great HR requires more than simply managing medical benefits. We are ready to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to your business that allows for greater productivity, expert support, and HAPPY employees! Take the next step...with Manchester Benefits Group.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company.

How to do payroll, HR and benefits administration is the question. Let Manchester be your answer.