We offer modern payroll solutions that provide everything you expect -- and much, much more. From payroll processing, tax filing, and liability management to online solutions that offer convenience and comprehensive support, Manchester Benefits Group has a payroll solution that meets your needs and objectives. We know how important it is to process your payroll efficiently, on-time, and accurately.

Our payroll platform is accessible from any web-enabled device. It reduces your company's overall benefits administration workload and gives you the most up-to-date and precise employee and management information when you need it most. You'll quickly find that our platform lets you do much more than process payroll -- it helps you make smart decisions in every facet of your business.
We've served businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and nationwide for over 18 years. We look forward to helping your business with our industry knowledge and vast payroll experience.
Call us at 888-900-4544 or fill out our contact form to learn how Manchester Benefits Group will make your company more productive and keep your employees happy.

Services include:

  • Single database
  • Direct Deposit- Go Paperless
  • Check Alternatives - Pay Cards
  • Pressure Sealed Checks
  • "Pay As-You-Go" Workers Comp
  • Employee Self Service
  • Phone, Email, Fax, Or Upload Payroll
  • Unlimited Accountant-Friendly Reporting
  • Employee New Hire Reporting
  • Quarterly Tax & Year Tax Filing