Online Payroll Solutions

With a web-based payroll platform, you have the power to access and view your important payroll data the moment you need it -- and to use it to make the best decisions for your business.

Manchester Benefits Group understands just how important it is to give you a secure, accurate and user-friendly online payroll platform.

Manchester Benefits Group's Payroll Online platform is the best and most easy-to-use web-based payroll platform in the industry.
Powered by a customized implementation of Kronos Software's SaaSHR, Payroll Online is fully hosted and secure. It's easy for you to access all of your payroll information whenever you need to, through an easy-to-understand user interface. Payroll Online gives your business enhanced operational flexibility, speeds your payroll processing time, improves processing accuracy, helps your managers track and communicate with employees, and provides critical business data on-demand.

With the Payroll Online platform, you can effortlessly:

  • Review and enter pay data for employees and 1099 contractors.
  • Manage and edit salaries, hours worked, employee addresses, and other important information.
  • Update direct deposit information or add bank accounts.
  • Revise and modify vacation time, sick time, and PTO.
  • Modify employee deductions.
  • Preview cash requirements and payroll liability information.
  • Approve payroll and confirm fund withdrawal dates.Access prior pay period information and reports.
  • And of course, you can always speak with a REAL person whenever you need help.
With Payroll Online, you'll never worry again that payroll can't be done because you're not at your desk to receive a phone call. Access your company information from anywhere with an internet connection and rest assured that the one-step payroll submission process won't leave you wondering if payroll was done correctly.

The Payroll Online platform integrates seamlessly with our other products and services:

  • Tax filing and compliance services
  • Customized reports
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Human resources administration and online HRIS (human resources information system)
Payroll Online gives you the highest level of convenience and support, as well as the confidence that you'll be able to talk to your dedicated account representative whenever you have questions.
Want to learn how Payroll Online can automate your payroll and provide greater control to your business? Call us toll-free at 1-888-900-4544 or fill out our contact form.